While I haved been out promoting the fact that I will Work for Free, I often get asked the question of “Why?” or “What is the Catch?” by most peope who stop and talk to me. I decided that I would create a blog about my reasoning and help people understand why I am doing this.

In the first months of 2020 the volunteer work that I had been doing was brought to a halt due to the lockdown. A great deal of the work I was doing was primarily being done to get me out of my apartment and feeling procuctive, in the absence of this work, my depression became more severe and was triggering my PTSD. Finally in July, I decided that I needed to find reasons to get out of my apartment and decided to get out and explore the city in my wheelchair. While this helped a small bit, it opened my mind up to how I could make a diffence to my mental health and to do something productive to build back my personal sence of making a difference,

Before my dissability prevented me from running my small business or working a full time job, I was providing photography and other content creation services (like writing blogs and social media postings) to small businesses. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was not wanting make a profit or to make any personal gains from helping  small businesses that were being negatively impacted by the shutdown. I knew that it was more about finding a wasy of giving back.  I am by no means rich, but I knew I could survive on the small dissability support that pays my renbt and some of my other bills and basic needs, so I did not need to ask suffering business owners to put funds in my pocket.

Some of the small business owners that I have done this “Free” work for have tried to insist that I take some form of compensation, so I told them to either buy me a “Gift” from my wish list or to make a donation to the CAMH Foundation in my name. Most of the items on my wish list are things to enhance my photography, but not items that I would expect anyone to purchase for me. This would leave the option of making a donation to an organizaton that has truly helped me in understanding and dealing with my depression and PTSD.

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