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Things I Can Offer


  • Stock Photography
  • Custom Business Photography
  • Product Photos
  • Personal or Corporate Head Shots
  • Event Coverage
  • Event Photo Booths
  • Portrait Shoots
  • Tastefull Boudoir Shoots
  • Wedding Second Shooter (Candid Moments)



  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Corporate and Events Videos
  • Personal Videos
  • Production Planning 
  • Scripting of Videos
  • Casting Services
  • Production and Filming
  • Editing Videos
  • Setting up YouTube Channel
  • stock Video 

Social Media

  • Social Media Planning
  • Pages, Posts & Campaigns
  • Facebook Pages & posts
  • Twitter Pages & Posts
  • Instagram Page & Posts
  • Content Curation
    (optimize existing content )

Blogs and Blog Sites

I can both help you set up and manage your blog site and create blog posts for your business, organization or person pages

Clients recommending me

“Ian has proven to be a great asset to the Toronto Bicycle Show and E-bike Expo by keeping our website updated in advance of the show, taking photos and creating live social media posts throughout the event”

Josie Graziosi
“When we were told to create a blog to help our website with new content, Ian stepped up and has created content that our clients and prospective clients have found useful”

Brian Miles

(647)  201-9268


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