Finding Obsticals

Rolling in a new direction

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gold video camera


Rolling into a new Genre

Hi, I’m Ian

For years I have been working in the world of still photograhy and still love taking photos with my DSLR, but I am not leaving eh stills world behind.

I will always enjoy working with people in front of my and helping them to tell their story through photographs, I am just adding a new way of capturing things.

While watching some of the popular new “Toronto Walks” and other narrated walking videos, I noticed some of the places people went and how they got there, it would not be that easy for people using mobility devices to take the same “Walks” as the people who were doing these types of videos. It was then that I decided that I too could do these types of “Walking” videosk but uning my mobility chariot.

gold video camera


what Keeps me rolling

Why Do I Use a Wheelchair?

In recent years I have been having some problems walking more that a block without tripping and falling. To me I am not using a wheelchair, I am using a mobility device that takes the shape of a wheelchair. So whey not use a mobilty scooter? Simply put the chair just fits in my apartment better than a scooter would. I try to use the chair as little as I can, but when i leave my home, I amost always need it, because going anywhere for a long time without it can present falling issues.


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