Your business photography needs can be met professionally, without having to break the bank.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words….
But it does not have to cost a Thousand Dollars

Ian Payton has over 20 years experience with both film and digital photography. He has commercial experience shooting office space, landscapes, scenery, people, products, objects, and action. Ian also does corporate event and portrait photography as well as portfolio pictures for actors and models. Ian will also assist and perform the duties of the second shooter on weddings, capturing candid and unexpected images that were not planned by the primary photographer.

If you or your organization needs photographs of products, places, or people, or maybe you need a photographer to capture your event, Ian can help. We can deliver professional quality photographs for a lot less than most professional photographers because of lower overheads.

Ian also creates custom stock photography. Your company can have a selection of stock images created for your exclusive, use royalty free. The stock images created for you, will not be sold to other organization unless you agree to allowing them to be used for general stock images (saving you money)

In 2007 Ian opened his first studio for portrait work, in an effort to get away from using rented photo studios when possible. In 2013 Ian closed his studio and moved downtown to be closer to more corporate work, but Ian still has access to other studios as well as several indoor and outdoor locations.

If you are a model working on a photo shoot with Ian, you will need to download and print this form and bring photo identification download model release form

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