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After closing down my web design business (for personal and health issues), I had to find a new way of keeping my mind active. While I can not work a job or a small business, doe not mean that my skill do not hold value to myself and others.

It is the sense of accomplishment and the pride that I take in seeing my creativity as a used in a productive maner, that keeps me going in times like this. While the primary skills I am offering are my photography and content creation skils, you might also be able to benifit from my business and marketing knowledge. Read More

When I am not helping others with  my various  skills, I am out there taking photographs of subjects and places that I love to capture. I am also creating  video’s of things I feel pasionate about.  One of the things that I am most pasionate about is my love and pride of my city.

Over  this past year I have watched a great deal of YouTube videos and the one genre that I really liked was the narrated walks around the city.  Watching these videos as someone who rely’s on various mobility devices, I was reminded that barriers to access still exist in my city. It was after watching one where the person filming had taken some stairs that my eyes were openned.

I realized that I needed to expand on the the type of videos I was creating. I want to help those like myself to find empowerment, but also help those who do not share the same lens to consider opening their thought process of be reactive and instead be proactive in learning.

I decided to develop a new YouTube channel dedicated to this new genre of narrated “walking” videos with my own twist of educating people to consider mobility when watching my videos.  The channel I created is called RollingWithIan.

Just because I have a message, does not mean that I can’t have fun with creating content.

Acknologing People and Being a Good Human

You need to realize and explore your creative side, because expressing your creativity you can change your mood or that of others.

From time to timee, ‘I have this need to flex my creative muscles and create art or content for my varous social platforms. The interesting thing about creating content is the impact your creative work has on other people.

How can you help other’s lives, while also benefitting your own life?

First you need to clear your mind of you bias and what you thought was beeing helpful and by allowing yourself to listen to others and let you know what help you can offer them.

Just as you may have seen me holding a sign in public  and maybe you had approached me asked me to aks why I was holding it (rather than assuming that I was panhandling), you would be helping me by  just acknolaging me or clicking on my barcode. If you are here becacus you clicked on my barcode you just made my day.

You need to begin to understand that not everyone you see holding a sign is pannhandling or looking for a hand out. making that assumption is what clouds your vision and prevents you from being a good human.

Even if I was panhandling, have you ever stopped to ask that person you see asking for money why they are doing it, or are you just going to accept your own assumtions and jusk keep walking past?



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