The Video & Film Project

History of the Projet

LOGO IDEA 1Going Beyond is a film, video and social media project stemming from some of the ideas I have had in previous videos and not yet completed projects and goals. Other video ideas will come from partnerships with organizations and groups that have their own barriers that are faced by the people they represent.

The plan is to eventually create a full length documentary on accessibility, presumably using much of the footage and ideas from other video that will hopefully get viral attention.

LOGO IDEA 1The videos will partially use humor to educate or at least bait the hook for people to watch the videos. People on their own do not decide to go looking for videos or educational content about things that do not affect them or those around them, so you need to educate them by entertaining them into learning and understanding.

The film project and video projects will not only be looking at the barriers faced by people with physical and more visible disabilities, but will also explore barriers faced by people with invisible disabilities such as mental health issues, cognitive disorders and others.

More about the video Project


Where are the themes coming from?

Stepping out of my Apartment

Stepping out of my Apartment

I am going to be looking to individuals as well as organizations like The AODA Alliance, DesignABLE Environments and others, as well as invested individuals for video themes. I will be not only looking for their help in coming up with the theme and message, but also for their help in organizing and creating the video content.

The Video Formats and Lengths

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The idea behind video creations is all about capturing people’s attention. When considering the format, we have to consider that different demographics will tend to lean toward different lengths of videos and clips. The average potular length of most YouTube videos is about 10 to 15 minutes. While educational videos on YouTube can run longer, these videos need to be short enough to keep people viewing.

The secondary edits of each video will be turned into a series of clips of various lengths (depending on the ideal attention span on each social media platform) to get the public attention and potential viewers of the main videos on YouTube.

Assistants for the Videos and Films

As I start this project, I will be looking to make the video on a next to zero budget, with minimal spending out of my own pocket. As a person surviving off of the Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP), my pockets are shallow. I have most of the equipment I need and access to more equipment along with the facilities and assistance of Workman Arts.


Funding Ideas

As the videos get more views and the channel gets more followers, the channel can apply to becoming a YouTube partner. Once the channel achieves 1000 and is accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program, there is a potential to make a small ad revenue that is based on views and the number of ads viewed. This amount will be very small and will not be enough to pay for production, but it will help to show analytics to potential sponsorships of future videos.



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