Teaching Creators

Creating should not be seen as a job, but a passion


Behind The Creator

“Creativity and passion for ones own art work are not things that are taught, the are drawn out, inspired, captured and cultivated”

As a photographer and video creator Ian not only helps people explore their creativity through these mediums, but is also an instructor to teachers who are teaching students with disabilities. Many teachers that teach artistic subjects are not equiped to understand how to draw out the creativity of students with disabilities. While there are many asts programs that are specifically designed to work with people of differing abilities, these specialized programs are not as available as most would believe.

Ian offers training to groups of teachers who may or may not have current students that could be dissabled, but what a great deal of people are not equipted to understand hidden or invisible dissabilities.

Through a series of lectures and hands on exersizes teachers learn to understand that both visible and invisible dissabilities do not hinder an artistic passion of a student and how to best work with and motivate those students.

Another component to the training is to instruct teachers on how to educate all of their students that regardless of ability, students who have limitations do not want special treatment, they want to feel included. There are many ways to create lesson plans and hands on projects that are inclusive of all students.

Art and creativity training for students of all abilities needs to include some fun ways for those students to work alongside of other students who may face challeges. Students need to learn that just because someone may have differnet physical abilities than themselves do not want special attention, the just want to be included and not feel singled out as needing special attention.

Ian’s program stems from experience as both an educator of students with various challenges and his owns personal experience of being a creator with his own mental and physical challenges.

One on one or working in the classroom alongside primary teacher, as well as instruction and tutoring students is where Ian contnues to learn himself because eveny student has diffent needs and what the best way to help them draw upon their creativity and create in their own way.

To find out more, use the contact form below and mention if you are inquiring about training for teachers or taining for students.

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