Important Notice:  yBOT as web development company was disolved in 2018 and is no longer accepting any new business.With that being said, The is now a website to host my creative projects.  Created by Ian may look like a business logo, it is just a branding that I created to share accross all my social media.
The time comes when people, (just like companies, brands and other organizations) need to redefine themselves  or change paths. Sometime it is as simple as a redesign, upgrading of tools  or updating the technology you use, but unless they know what direction they want to go, these changes may not happen. I am slowly redefing myself, the vision and direction that i need to take is starting to come along. See my Services page for things that I could provide you with
You can find CreatedbyIan on these social platfoms

While yBOT is changing direction in order to focus on creating more on my personal photography and video content. I am still available to do some photography and social media content creation gigs, but i am dong them for free.

For those who would like to reward me for my free gig work, I will accept  “gifts” (see Gifts for Ian)

Find out about my latest project Going Beyond, a series of videos promoting how we need to go beyond AODA (Accessibility Ontario Dissability Act) and make Ontario more accessible to everyone.

Recent Photos

My Photos in "Little White Camera" project