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Toby our Mascot

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What does yBOT mean?

When most people hear the name yBOT they automatically think it is a computer or Internet term referring to a robot type program that performs tasks automatically, but they laugh when they find out the true meaning of the name and how simple it is.

yBOT is actually the name of the proprietor's dog spelled backwards, yes Toby. Toby is not just the company namesake and logo he is a very special dog. Toby was in training to be a guide dog for Ian's late wife Janet, who was epileptic. Toby was to help her and protect her when she had epileptic seizures. When Janet passed away in 1997, Toby became a constant companion to Ian.

Ian has been designing websites since the mid 1990's. He began designing websites on a self taught basis. In 2000 Ian formalized his web expertise by taking a couse in web design engineering. Since graduating in late 2000, Ian began doing primarily freelance web work and opened yBOT in 2001. Over the years, Ian began to build not only on his skills, but developed a team of experts that he works with who have thier own expertise.

As for the photography side of the business, Ian began taking photographs in his early teens and took classes on composition and film development. In 1997, he was approached by a photographer to work as his assistant and protige. As part of that learning experience, Ian was exposed to several types of photography including portrait and boudoir photography.

In 2004, Ian began to move away from traditional film photography and began focusing on the art of digital photography. It was not long before he realized there was a difference in the way photos were shot with digital over film. In 2007 Ian finally retired his film SLR camera and went with a full featured digital SLR camera. In 2011 Ian again upgraded his Digital SLR and lenses.