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What is yBOT

For many years yBOT was a a web design and development company helping clients create an online presence, but these days we primarily focus on helping clients find the right tools and strategies for setting up and maintaining their own websites. The reason for this is that there are many tools out there that are available, but sometimes people just need the right direction towards the right tools that fit their needs and delivers their message in the best way possible. We also help clients create and implement Internet marketing strategies and SEO (Search Engine Optimazation).

We continue to create of videos and photographic content for their web sites, but we also offer content creation in the form of blog writing, social media content and curation, as well as helping with the migration to online tool suites like Googles G-Suit.

Our team blends marketing savvy with technological know how.

We offer a variety of solutions from planning to implementation, including

Photography by Ian offers photography services for Personal and Business purposes



We can help companies like yours to develop and implement Internet and IT strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies and organizations identify, develop and implement marketing and technology strategies, especially as they relate to the Internet.

We want to help you to identify and understand the needs of your target market so that you can build your business, promotions, events, or web site to address those needs.

We want to help you identify and understand your technology needs so that you have just the right blend of tools and information to accomplish your tasks.

We want to help you identify and understand how to use information and technology to best serve your business and allow you to better serve the needs of your customers.

Your success is our goal

So y not yBOT